2018, October, 15

United gets it right: Focus on Customer Experience

In the past months I have singled out United for its spectacular failures around customer service and highly publicized passenger fiascos. So, giving credit where its due, I now want to cite the airline for the exact opposite reason: It is forging ahead to eliminate a major customer pain point - and in fact they even use this very phrase in describing the initiative. Now only if they would start to target customer infatuation rather than customer satisfaction as their ultimate goal. But one step at a time.

From Business Insider: United Airlines introduced a revamped boarding process. The Chicago-based carrier aims to cut down on the amount of time people spend in line at the airport while thinning out the crowd of passengers huddled around the boarding gate. All of these changes are based on consumer feedback gathered by the airline. "We hear a lot from customers through the post-travel surveys we do that waiting in line is a pain point for them and that the gate areas can be very congested," United Airlines managing director of global operations strategy, Maria Walter, told Business Insider in an interview. "So we wanted to take a look at this opportunity to improve customer satisfaction by revamping the boarding process."

See full story here: https://www.businessinsider.com/united-airlines-new-boarding-procedure-2018-9

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