Why you should care about World Nutella Day


Unless you are a hardcore chocolate aficionado, you most likely missed out on the celebration. Yesterday was World Nutella Day, with much rejoicing among Nutella's global community (over 31 million Facebook followers). But even if you are not a fan, this event is significant and noteworthy. So why should you care?


The answer has to do with the origins of Nutella. It was developed in Europe in the wake of WWII, during a time of profound upheaval and scarcity. Cocoa, the major ingredient in chocolate, was expensive and hard to find. Thinking creatively, Pietro Ferrero, an Italian confectioner, substituted hazelnut - a much more abundant and cheaper ingredient - into the formula. The result is the magical, creamy spread that is still one of the favorite sweets and breakfast essentials around the world today.


There you have it. From now on, take part in the February 5th celebrations, letting World Nutella Day be your annual reminder to see crisis as opportunity.


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