2017, February, 27

Your very own fleet of Cadillacs

In a Forbes Magazine article, Steve Denning wrote: “In strategic thinking, we have learned that there is no such thing as a mature industry: there is only an industry to which imagination has yet to be applied.”  How very true.  And I have just the example to prove it.

From the Verge.com:
“Cadillac is launching a subscription service that will allow customers to drive and swap out whatever vehicle they want — be it an Escalade or a CTS-V — whenever they want, for a flat monthly fee. Book by Cadillac is a $1,500-a-month contract-free service that the manufacturer says will eliminate the hassle that comes with owning a vehicle.”

Kudos to Cadillac for identifying a key customer pain point (the hassle of car ownership), and transforming it into a potential point of infatuation.  The monthly fee is a bit steep, but it could very well be a dream come true for Cadillac aficionados.

See the full article here:


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