2014, April, 22

Immersive Executive Experience to launch in Iceland

Announcing the newest Immersive Executive Experience partner, Practical in Iceland.

IEE sessions are exclusive, custom designed, multi-day events where I personally lead small groups of business leaders to discover how to apply the “Slingshot Framework” in their business and personal lives. The sessions fuse together exceptional intellectual learning, hand-picked locations, and mind-opening adventures that reinforce the key principles of re-imagining boundaries. This combination enables participants to learn and to experience the power of continuous re-invention, which is the critical basis of staying relevant.

I am pleased to be working with Practical to organize the first IEE event in Iceland in November at ION Adventure and Luxury Hotel. It promises to be an ideal setting to open minds in awe inspiring natural settings.

“We are very excited about merging Practical’s Corporate and Executive Travel services with Gabor George Burt’s Immersive Executive Experience. This partnership allows us to offer something exceptional to our Executives clients from abroad while sharing the wonder, beauty and rich cultural history of our magnificent country,” says Marin Magnusdottir, Practical’s Founder Owner and Managing Director.

About Practical

Practical is a family owned, fully licensed and award-winning Icelandic Luxury Adventure Travel Agency and Destination Management Company. Practical specializes in creating high concept events, Corporate Teambuilding Adventures and Discerning Traveler Concierge programs. Practical accommodates any group size, ranging from small groups to global workforce retreats.

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