2014, April, 14

How does your brand show its playful side?

Workplace fun builds a company-wide emotional alignment and a foundation for open, creative thinking. It enriches the work experience and environment of employees. In turn, more content and more engaged employees serve to make the organization itself more successful.

Earlier in the month I wrote about April Fool's Day and the importance of honoring this ultimate holiday of creativity and fun. Now ask yourself this: Does your business have a sense of humor? Put another way, do you encourage playfulness and laughter among your staff and in your workplace? Or is your business environment rather serious, stiff, and bland? In which case how can you expect your employees to be creative, to continuously innovate, to come up with new solutions?

As a reminder about the importance of workplace fun see how leading companies showed off their playful side this April Fool’s Day:

Via Slegg Mortgage Press:

Boasting a “first in snackaging innovation,” Domino’s unveiled this press release last night that claims that as of today, customers can request an upgrade to the Edibox; that is, a pizza box made entirely of pizza crust. The press release continues on to cite customer surveys which found that the crust is the most enjoyable part of the pizza experience, and how most folks crave extra crust when the pizza is finished. They also utilize the current “green” trend to their advantage, plugging a “waste-free dining experience” claim in the release. To add a third “plausibility” factor to this clever ruse, they joined forces with “Scousecran,” a popular food blog based out of Liverpool, claiming that one of the Scouescran writers was instrumental in the development of the Edibox. Well played, Dominos.


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