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2014, February, 06

Play is key ingredient to lifetime of learning

The basis of the most successful strategies is not outcompeting rivals, but rather creating your own game, your own market space.

It may be hard to believe, but all of us were children once. As children, we all experienced the sense of elation and accomplishment from inventing our own games and making use of random props and terrain to choreograph a customized pastime that was a blast to play. There was virtually no limit to what we could play and where. What if we could reignite our childhood creativity and deconstruct our realm of acquired assumptions in the process? It would not only be disarmingly fun but deeply meaningful in guiding our strategic thinking.

See how Randa Grob-Zakhary, CEO of the LEGO Foundation, is spearheading a global effort to raise the transformative power of play and its link to creativity.

Via Forbes:

We believe in a simple yet critical message: Play unlocks learning and development benefits that last a lifetime, and childhood presents a critical window of opportunity. Building on growing evidence supporting play’s transformational power in learning, we aim to become a catalyst for a global movement centred on the value of play, making children’s lives better and communities stronger.

[Image via Improve Staff.]


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