2014, December, 15

Slingshot Basics: The Opossum Test

As we close out 2014, it is a good time for some self-reflection and a quick scan of our current state and possible new directions.  It’s time to take the opossum test.

Would you say that your business is like an opossum? Why do I ask? Opossums are rather ingenious animals. Their principal line of defense against potential predators is feigning death. In other words, the opossum does not accept the conventional wisdom of flight or fight, that in moments of mortal encounters, it has to be either capable of putting up a decent defense or be fast enough to get away. Opossums represent a third alternative.

I would also argue that in contrast to other small creatures who devote a large part of their lives to being prepared for predatory attacks—by living in herds, staying very fit, or living in constant fear— opossums can claim a pretty good quality of life. They can go about their business fairly unbothered, and when they sense danger, they just take a nap.

So is your business like an opossum, defying accepted norms of conduct and reaping its benefits?


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