2018, March, 19

Celebrate Innovation Week 1

I spent the first week of March in Des Moines, Iowa for Celebrate Innovation Week. During my visit, I had the opportunity to get to know the other presenters, be exposed to all kinds of fascinating topics, and learn about the numerous ways they are re-imagining boundaries in their respective fields. In celebration, I am introducing them to you here, so you too can be inspired:

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2018, March, 12

From Dubai to Des Moines

What a treat it has been to be part of back-to-back, trailblazing innovation events in Dubai and in Des Moines, Iowa. I was so impressed to be part of Celebrate Innovation Week, bringing together a really eclectic and thought-provoking lineup of speakers, a great format, and highly charged atmosphere. If you are not yet familiar, take a look here: https://lnkd.in/gmNuAFY

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2018, March, 05

A funny thing happened at work today

I am pleased that my collaborative work with Jamie Anderson on the importance of humor in leadership is getting strong exposure and very positive market reaction. As a new example, here is the article that appeared on leadchangegroup.com:

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2018, February, 26

‘Radical Idea’ to Save the Sport of American Football

A while back I presented some 'radical ideas' in my book Slingshot, for re-imagining higher education as well as the state of the elderly and the homeless in our society. Following this path, I now turn to re-imagining the sport of American Football, whose ongoing viability is under siege.

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2018, February, 19

Apple and the Innovation Shortcut

On its way to becoming the world’s most valuable, most admired, and most lifestyle driving company, Apple has continuously taken advantage of what I call the ‘Innovation Shortcut’. This shortcut - which is based on creating new value by combining existing components rather than inventing something outright – is also available to anyone for the taking.

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