WPO Southern California Event

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I enjoyed my time last month with members of the Women President’s Organization. We met in Irvine, California for a half-day Master Class on the topic of ‘Re-Imagining Boundaries’. During the session participants were highly engaged in challenging themselves and each other on how to shape the future of their respective businesses for the post-Covid world.


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The World's Best Hotel

 mahali mzuri


Congratulations to Jon Brown and to the whole Virgin Limited Edition team for their spectacular resort - Mahali Mzuri - being selected as the world's top hotel by Travel + Leisure's recent ranking.


I spent an invigorating stay at MM a couple of years ago and can personally attest that the recognition is well deserved. The purpose of my visit was to feature MM as a destination for my executive retreat program. The property is not only stunning, it has the perfect blend of nature & luxury, intimacy & charm.




#lifestyleandleisure #travelandtourism #luxury #Virgin #executiveretreat #leadership

My Chat with Vishen Lakhiani - founder of Mindvalley



It was a treat to be Vishen Lakhiani's guest on his Mindvalley podcast series recently. I consider Mindvalley to be an exemplary pioneer of knowledge sharing and lifelong learning, removing the lid off human potential.


I invite you to listen in to our conversation, which includes the impromptu application of my key principles of radical business creativity to audience members, as well as mention of how Mindvalley itself has successfully applied these principles: https://podcast.mindvalley.com/the-3-principles-of-radical-business-creativity-gabor-george-burt/


#learning #podcast #leadership #creativity #personaldevelopment #mindvalley #leadershipdevelopment #coaching

Africa Rising Conference

Africa Rising LinkedIn2


I am looking forward to giving a keynote presentation at the Africa Rising Conference slated for 28th - 29th September under the theme "Africa to the World".


This virtual conference is organized by IAA, with CNN as media partner. The title of my talk is ‘Rocket Fuel: Mastering Creative Transformation’. Take a look at the event program and register here: https://africarising.iaaglobal.org/


#IAAAfrica2theWorld #IAAGlobalConference #IAAThoughtLeadership #Africa2theWorld #AfricaRising #Africa #Africaleadership

Blast from the Past



What is this handsome piece of machinery? It is none other than the fabled Trabant – the crown jewel in the portfolio of former communist cars.


These beauties are increasing rare to see on the streets, but this one is proudly parked in front of a downtown hotel in Budapest. Notice the fine features, attention to detail and irresistible color. Its special qualities prompted me to feature the Trabant in this Harvard Business Review article about customer experience design: https://hbr.org/2016/04/what-we-can-learn-from-one-of-the-worlds-most-mocked-cars


If you look closely, you will notice plants growing next to the back tire – a sign that this Trabant is comfortable where it’s at and may not be going anywhere soon.


#customerexperience #innovation #lifelesson #designthinking


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