2014, July, 01

Coming up: Forum One

I am pleased to be speaking this year at Forum One, the biggest business and leadership event in Central Europe. It will take place on October 23 – 24, at the Siemens Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I will be sharing the stage with such luminaries as Seth Godin, Ken Schmidt and Jaan Tallinn, in front of an audience of 5,000. I will be speaking about re-imagining boundaries and creating continuous blue ocean market spaces. It promises to be a high-energy and impactful event, so send me a note if you plan to attend.

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2014, June, 27

How Can French Fries Save The World?

If you have read my book ‘Slingshot’, perhaps you noticed the striking similarity between a scenario I presented in the book and the story of my last blog.  I would like to elaborate on this exciting resemblance here.

In my last post, I drew your attention to the seemingly absurd partnership between Ford Motor Company and H.J. Heinz – the maker of ketchup.  But this union isn’t that crazy after all, in fact it may be visionary: “Ford announced that it and Heinz have made a good bit of progress, as they've worked to turn the latter's tomato waste into the former's bioplastics. Ford says that tomato skins, for example, may ultimately be used to create plastic for wiring brackets, panels, or storage bins” (Yahoo.com auto news)

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2014, June, 24

A Ford car with Ketchup on the side

A key component of my Slingshot Framework is a visual mapping tool I call ‘the Accordion Chart’. The Accordion Chart is a visual method that enables you to explore the market spaces your organization currently resides in and should look to occupy.

The Accordion Chart illuminates the full spectrum of your value proposition from its most narrow to its most broad definition, leading to profound insights:

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2014, June, 20

Will Your Business Be A Volcanic Casualty?

All businesses are subject to the unpredictable evolution of the market place.  The danger you face is of misjudging or ignoring trends that can make your business become obsolete.

Consider the following historical reminder. In the first century AD, the city of Pompeii in Italy was covered in toxic ash from the massive eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius. The resulting solidified volcanic debris left behind hollow molds from which casts of victims caught in various poses by the eruption were recreated.

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2014, June, 16

The Hungarian Golden Team

In honor of the Soccer World Cup just on the way in Brazil, I thought to share with you an inspirational story from the sport’s history. It is a wonderful illustration of the power of defying conventional wisdom, with rich parallels to the world of business strategy.


The Hungarian national team of the 1950s is widely considered one of the most successful squads in the history of European football, by far the world’s most popular sport. In a six year span the team went undefeated (aside from the controversial World Cup Finals match against Germany in 1954), scoring over 4 goals a game, and recording the highest rating ever for a national team.  They won the 1952 Olympics, and in 1953 decisively beat England 6-3 in the ‘Game of the Century’ in front of 105,000 people at Wembley Stadium. The English invented the game in the middle of the 19th century and had gone undefeated for nearly one hundred years before succumbing to the Hungarians. The torch was being passed.

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