2014, May, 07

Earth calling: all 7 billion of us

Well, it was certainly inevitable.  But it’s still astounding how fast it happened.  This year the number of mobile phones will exceed the world population.  Think about that for a moment:

This is a product that first came into public awareness and acceptance in the early 1990’s.  In other words, it went from virtually zero customers to full, global saturation in less than 25 years.  And in the process, mobile phones have transformed the way people live, work, and play everywhere.

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2014, April, 30

Re-Imagine Dinner series expands in new partnership with Bishop-McCann

Unleash your imagination at a dinner event like no other.

Those executives who have already experienced my Re-Imagine Dinners know that each one is an intimate, exclusive gatherings of VIP attendees designed to explore how to overstep boundaries for continuous growth and relevance. Attendees experience the power of re-imagining boundaries through both discussion and application. I play the role of host and provocateur, leading a combination of conversation, activity, and culinary journey that challenges attendees to consider their own boundaries and to learn from each other.

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2014, April, 22

Immersive Executive Experience to launch in Iceland

Announcing the newest Immersive Executive Experience partner, Practical in Iceland.

IEE sessions are exclusive, custom designed, multi-day events where I personally lead small groups of business leaders to discover how to apply the “Slingshot Framework” in their business and personal lives. The sessions fuse together exceptional intellectual learning, hand-picked locations, and mind-opening adventures that reinforce the key principles of re-imagining boundaries. This combination enables participants to learn and to experience the power of continuous re-invention, which is the critical basis of staying relevant.

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2014, April, 14

How does your brand show its playful side?

Workplace fun builds a company-wide emotional alignment and a foundation for open, creative thinking. It enriches the work experience and environment of employees. In turn, more content and more engaged employees serve to make the organization itself more successful.

Earlier in the month I wrote about April Fool's Day and the importance of honoring this ultimate holiday of creativity and fun. Now ask yourself this: Does your business have a sense of humor? Put another way, do you encourage playfulness and laughter among your staff and in your workplace? Or is your business environment rather serious, stiff, and bland? In which case how can you expect your employees to be creative, to continuously innovate, to come up with new solutions?

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2014, April, 03

Is your brand relevant?


If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.

—General Eric Shinseki, former U.S. Army Chief of Staff


Being relevant is more important than being best or being biggest. Counterintuitive to such managerial concepts as relative market share or operational excellence, it is not enough to have an efficient organization or to be the biggest or best within a traditional market segment. Instead, you need to continuously scan the horizon and shift course to stay relevant. In fact, being biggest or best may be a hindrance, because it impedes your ability and inclination to adapt quickly.

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