Music Brings Us Together Again

 Kraak Smaak2


Congratulations to the Jazz Piknik team, for putting on a great music festival.  Jazz Piknik uniquely fuses together 3 days, 4 stages, a world-class lineup of jazz, funk, soul and electronic all-stars with the scenic surroundings and rich wine offerings of lake Balaton’s northern shore, in Hungary. The result is a cross-generational, immersive, music celebration. 

The event last week finally brought performers and fans together again, creating a heightened level of enjoyment that culminated in a pulsating performance by the Dutch group Kraak & Smaak.
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Smiling Faces

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It was a treat to be with the leadership team of StoneAge last week in Durango, Colorado for a 2-day ‘re-imagining boundaries’ session.  Great company, super team and scenic surroundings. And not least, it felt energizing to be interacting again in person. 


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2021, June, 02

Pioneering Workplace Equality

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With Covid restrictions subsiding, I had the singular pleasure last week of visiting with Natasha Josefowitz in San Diego. A close family friend whom I have known and admired since childhood, Natasha is a trailblazer of women leadership and workplace equality, having written the seminal book on the topic in the 1970’s entitled ‘Path to Power: A Woman’s Guide from First Job to Top Executive.’

She is also a poet, an educator, author of 21 books, and at 95 full of vibrancy, wisdom, empathy, and humor. It was a rarified treat to be in her company.

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Granting You 3 Wishes

Genie in a bottle

How would you like to turn crisis into opportunity, re-imagine the boundaries of your business, and shape the future of your market space?

It just so happens, these are 3 wishes I can help you realize. More precisely, they are the topics you will learn to master in my upcoming online course, offered in collaboration with McGill University.  Consider it your genie in a bottle. 

Here are the details:

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Intellectual Humility – Your Fuel for Lifelong Learning



The current pandemic has shined the spotlight on the importance of lifelong learning – which enables us to continuously refresh and expand our knowledge and master new environments. A recent BBC article added valuable insights on the topic. Here is my favorite excerpt:

"Abundant research has shown that intellectual humility – the capacity to recognize the limits of our knowledge – can powerfully improve our thinking and decision making. And that capacity to reconsider our preconceptions and open our minds to new ways of thinking is increasingly important in today’s rapidly changing world. Whether we are learning for pleasure or attempting to boost our professional skills, we could all do well to cultivate that “beginners’ mindset”, where nothing is certain, and there is everything to learn."

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