Grain of Sand on Your Finger

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A really exciting event from this summer - buried amidst all the negative news - was the publication of the first space image from NASA’s James Webb telescope. President Biden personally released the photo on July 12th during a White House press conference, showing the furthest image of space ever taken.


The picture displays a small, highly magnified portion of the Universe teeming with thousands of galaxies. To me, the most fascinating part of the story was how an article in Nature described the scale of the image:


“It shows thousands of distant galaxies in the constellation Volans, fainter than any galaxies seen before, in a patch of sky no larger than that covered by a grain of sand held at arm’s length.”


How amazing is that? Hold out your hand and picture a grain of sand on your finger. A speck that tiny contains thousands of galaxies in the sky. The comparison really provides a palpable sense of the enormity of our universe.  It's really mind- bending.  

Related Fun Fact: Did you know that our galaxy is moving through space at a blistering 1.3 million miles per hour (2.1 million km/hr). Just remember this when you are hesitant on embarking on a new adventure. Standing still is NOT an option!


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Were You Ever a Child?

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Randy McCoy, vice president of product and curriculum for The Little Gym, an enrichment and physical development center for children in Arizona, told Newsweek: "Intellectual wellness is much about the desire and ability to expand one's knowledge and skills through continued learning, productive curiosity, creativity thinking and exploration." – excerpt from March 27, 2022 article on Intellectual Wellness.


Indeed, the Slingshot Framework aims to facilitate this very desire and ability by reconnecting adults with their childhood sense of invention and adventure. In my former radio show, I provoked diverse trailblazers to share their stories by asking:


- What evidence do you have that you were once a child?

- What was your favorite game that you invented?


These questions opened up wonderful anecdotes and fascinating examples of continuously harnessing our childlike creativity from such iconic personalities as Sir Ken Robinson (education pioneer), Erno Rubik (inventor of the Rubik’s Cube), Kris Carr (wellness activist) Dave Stewart (legendary musician), Chip Conley (founder of Modern Elder Academy), Rob Bell (spiritual pioneer), and Dudley Stokes (founder of the Jamaican bobsled team).


So now it’s your turn. How would you answer these two questions?


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Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness


Intellectual Wellness is defined as "recognizing one's creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills" by Northwestern University, and as "being open to new ideas, thinking critically and finding ways to be creative" by the University of New Hampshire. 


More and more academic institutions are offering programs in Intellectual Wellness, and Newsweek did an exposé on it in March, 2022 entitled "How to Expand Your Skills for a Happier Life".

Undeniably, the focus of Intellectual Wellness is highly relevant for the post-pandemic world.  And, it provides a perfect podium for the Slingshot Framework - which is the definitive guide to continuously re-imagining boundaries. Here is sneak peek:

What if you could reignite your childhood creativity in a systematic way, to overstep self-imposed limitations and to discover what you are really capable of achieving? It’s all at your fingertips. Apply the Slingshot Framework to defy conventional wisdom and unleash your imagination for success in your business and your life.

Are you ready to to maximize your intellectual wellness?
Are you ready to grab your slingshot?

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Kudos to Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart

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Congratulations to Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, who were inducted into The Songwriters Hall of Fame last month and will be inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in November, for their indelible contributions to pop music.


Dave and I connected when he was a guest on my radio show series, and I found him to be a fearless, cultural innovator.  We shared a profound conversation around the thrill of continuously pursuing new frontiers and incessantly harnessing our childhood sense of creativity.  There was also a funny moment when I called Dave at a scheduled time, and he was still talking with Mick Jagger on the other line. 


My favorite quote from the conversation, which made it to the back cover of my Slingshot book:


“Slingshot is like looking at things through the other end of a telescope.” – Dave Stewart


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3 Principles of Radical Business Creativity


Last fall, I was the guest of Vishen Lakhiani - founder of Mindvalley - on his popular podcast. We had a high-energy repartee that delved into the key drivers of radical business creativity.

Since our talk aired, I have been receiving a stream of enthusiastic comments regarding its content. It seems to be striking a chord for all those executives, entrepreneurs, and aspiring future-shapers who want to turn the current crisis into opportunity.

So in case you missed it on Mindvalley, here is the YouTube link to my action-packed conversation with Vishen. I think you will find it both inspirational and practical:


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